Why we rely on “Made in Germany”.

Warum wir auf "Made in Germany" setzen

Sustainability in the jewelry industry

Jewelry is a luxury good that carries with it a special responsibility for nature and society and therefore for the well-being of our planet. At avenida SANTIAGO we are aware of this responsibility and focus on sustainability, fairness and quality.

German manufacturing and precious metal recycling ensure an excellent CO2 balance

We manufacture our jewelry exclusively in Germany, where fair working conditions and high ecological standards are a given. Due to the short delivery routes and efficient production, CO2 emissions are kept particularly low.

We also process 100% recycled silver and in the future also recycled gold, which also ensures low CO 2 emissions because compared to mining precious metals, significantly less energy is used during recycling. In addition, precious metal recycling according to the RJC standard ensures the greatest possible transparency and security with regard to ethical sources of recycled raw materials.

As precious metals, silver and gold can be recycled as often as you like without any loss of quality. In addition to protecting these scarce resources, this process has the great advantage of avoiding serious environmental pollution and inhumane practices, which are unfortunately not uncommon in mining.

"Made in Germany" - indication of origin and seal of quality

The indication of origin “Made in Germany” has developed over time into a recognized seal of quality worldwide and stands for high-quality products. We are proud to manufacture our jewelry of outstanding quality in Germany and thus represent the virtues associated with this seal of quality.

Our cases are also sustainably manufactured in Germany

Even our cases are manufactured in Germany in compliance with the highest ecological criteria. We only use raw materials from sustainable, FSC-certified forestry and textiles made from certified organic cotton (kbA). Even the labels are woven in Germany from organic cotton.

At avenida SANTIAGO we focus on sustainability, fairness and quality in order to live up to our responsibility as a producer of luxury items. We are proud to manufacture our jewelry exclusively in Germany, under the highest social and ecological standards.

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