The fascination of the circle - the Circle of Passion chain links from avenida SANTIAGO

Die Faszination des Kreises - Die Circle of Passion Kettenglieder von avenida SANTIAGO

The circle is one of the simplest geometric shapes and yet - or precisely because of this - fascinates with its elegant perfection. It has a special meaning in many cultures and stands for the divine, the perfect and the eternal circle of life.

Pieces of jewelry with that certain something

The Circle of Passion chain links from avenida SANTIAGO embody this fascinating shape in two ways: The links themselves form perfect, interlocking circular shapes, which in turn have a circular cross section and give the piece of jewelry an elegant aesthetic. The full beauty of this design only comes into its own through the perfection of the craftsmanship, like a gemstone that only becomes a jewel when it is cut.

Perfect for any occasion

The Circle of Passion link chain is the heart of the avenida SANTIAGO collection and can be found in many of our pieces of jewelry. It is the perfect example of reduced design with perfect craftsmanship and is therefore ideal for every occasion.

Whether as a gift for a special person or as a highlight for your own jewelry box, the Circle of Passion necklace is a timeless piece of jewelry that was created to bring joy for a lifetime.

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