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who we are

After several years of preparation, our jewelry label of the same name was launched in January 2022 with the founding of Avenida Santiago GmbH. The online store and social media accounts were launched in November of the same year.

We are Roland Knipfer and a small team of enthusiastic employees and partners who all pursue the same goal.

What moves us

Sustainable and fair jewelry, made from recycled silver and in the future also from recycled gold, manufactured exclusively in Germany and combining expressive and extravagant design with uncompromising quality is the core of our work. We want to do something to counteract the fast fashion culture according to the motto “buy less but better”. We want to help create awareness of the problem of our throwaway behavior and at the same time show how this problem can be massively counteracted with timeless design, high quality and the resulting longevity. In order to create facts and make our own contribution, we offer a 30-year guarantee for free repairs on each of our pieces of jewelry.

We love silver and are enchanted by gold

Silver is one of the oldest and most beautiful jewelry metals and is almost imperishable. But we also love this precious metal because of its unpretentious appearance and special charisma and primarily use it to make our jewelry. In the future, we will also offer selected models in 18 carat yellow, red and white gold, because gold has also exerted a magical attraction on people for thousands of years, which we cannot resist.

Responsibility meets design — design meets quality

We believe that the consumption of luxury should take on a special responsibility for nature and society and therefore for the well-being of our planet. At avenida SANTIAGO we are aware of this responsibility and therefore focus on sustainability and longevity. Nevertheless, the fair and responsible creation of our jewelry remains in the background - whoever sees and feels them should perceive nothing but beauty and quality. For us, design and quality are inseparably linked to sustainability and fairness.

Building a bridge between sophisticated design with excellent workmanship on the one hand and care for people and the environment during production on the other is our greatest concern. For us it is clear: taking responsibility does not mean giving up, but rather making the better choice.

One for all - all for you

This idea is the motto of our collection. What we mean by this quickly becomes clear if you search for jewelry in gender categories - as usual. However, we don't think in categories, but in individuals and make jewelry for people - for everyone - for you! With our casual yet luxurious creations, we want to give everyone the opportunity to express their unique personality and make a statement for freedom and responsibility.

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