Luxury through the ages - Why it's about more than materialism today

Luxus im Wandel der Zeit - Warum es heute um mehr geht als Materialismus

Luxury through the ages

The idea that luxury must only go hand in hand with material, lavish possessions comes from long ago times of pure materialism. In the 80s and 90s of the last century, the idea of ​​luxury actually referred primarily to material things: the expensive luxury car, the diamond-studded Swiss luxury watch, or the exclusive designer outfit. Status symbols that were intended to show belonging to an upper class of society.

Show who you are!

But the world keeps turning and over time a new understanding of luxury has developed. Today we look at luxury much more holistically. We now value not only material possessions, but also values ​​such as mindfulness and well-being or the ability to spend time with ourselves or good friends as valuable luxury goods. That doesn't mean that material luxury has had its day, but it has changed its appearance and become quieter.

The pursuit of luxury is based on the deeply human need to develop one's own personality. Once the basic needs are met, we dedicate ourselves to individual self-realization. We want to show who we are, what we like, but also what moves us, what values ​​we share and how we imagine a fulfilling life. We want to differentiate ourselves from the mainstream with luxury. We afford luxury goods or services from brands that correspond to our own values ​​and thus become symbols of our personal lifestyle.

Luxury in harmony with nature and society

Our consumption has changed. Topics such as sustainability, health and responsibility have moved to the center of society and of course also influence our (purchasing) decisions. We want to own high-quality items that do not conflict with nature or human dignity. We now expect eco-social behavior from luxury companies, a higher purpose and a clear purpose. While luxury previously had to be expensive and exclusive, today we may prefer or boycott a brand simply because of its position on a social, political or ethical issue.

Today, modern luxury is defined more by a complex of values ​​consisting of exclusivity, valuable quality, and personal happiness, as well as sustainability and fairness in the production of luxury items. It's about a holistic approach in which luxury also means supporting positive change. The concept of luxury is increasingly oriented towards moral and ethical values, with which consumption not only creates personal added value, but also brings with it an advantage for nature and society.

This is what we stand for with our label avenida SANTIAGO

Buy less, but better! Because our pieces of jewelry are high-quality and sustainably produced, durable and perfect for every situation. The striking designs are as extravagant as they are timeless and at the same time have a high recognition value.

We see ourselves as a sustainable luxury label and have made it our mission to move the jewelry world a little further in terms of fairness. Our pieces of jewelry are therefore handmade in Germany under fair conditions. We only use recycled silver and gold. It is important to us that everyone can express their independence with a clear conscience and a dose of luxury.

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