Our promise - 30 years of free repairs and a lifetime of enjoyment of your jewelry from avenida SANTIAGO

Unser Versprechen - 30 Jahre kostenlose Reparatur und ein Leben lang Freude an deinem Schmuck von avenida SANTIAGO

Jewelery is more than just decoration - ideally it becomes a beloved companion in everyday life. That's why we want you to enjoy your piece of jewelry for a lifetime. We guarantee free repairs for your avenida SANTIAGO jewelry within the first 30 years of purchase.

Let your jewelry become a part of you

If you love a piece of jewelry so much that you don't want to take it off, you've made the right decision. Then jewelry takes on the meaning we want, namely to be a part of your life, like a good friend, and not just nice decoration.

Our quality guarantees sustainability

Our jewelry is made from solid sterling silver or 18k gold and is made to accompany you throughout your life and go on every adventure with you. But if something should happen, we will keep our promise and repair it for you free of charge.

Long-lasting products like ours are inherently sustainable. But we go one step further and ensure that the next generation can enjoy your jewelry with our repair guarantee.

This is how our repair promise works

If your piece of jewelry is damaged and requires repair, simply contact us by email or telephone. We will address your concern immediately and offer you a solution.

During the first 30 years, our free repair service covers all damage that affects the function of your piece of jewelry or goes beyond normal signs of wear (broken chains, broken stones, bent clasps, etc.). This does not cover general signs of wear and aging. We recommend dealing with these inevitable signs of wear calmly and viewing them as a sign of the time spent together. If you still wish to have your piece of jewelry professionally refreshed, please contact us so that we can send you an appropriate offer.

Our pieces of jewelry are your lifelong companion

Our jewelry is not only beautiful, but also solid and robust. It is designed to accompany you throughout your life. If your piece of jewelry is defective, we will ensure that it is repaired, even free of charge for the first 30 years. So you can be sure that it will accompany you through many more adventures. If you have any questions or need a repair, don't hesitate to contact us.

Manufacturer's warranty

We offer a 30-year manufacturer's guarantee on all Avenida Santiago jewelry .

Notice to consumers

As a guarantor, we would like to point out that in the event of product defects, you are entitled to the statutory warranty rights from the purchase contract concluded with us. These rights are not restricted by the following guarantee conditions and can be exercised by you free of charge. Any existing statutory warranty rights towards us therefore remain unaffected by this guarantee promise.

If the purchased item is defective, you can always contact us within the scope of the statutory warranty, regardless of whether there is a warranty claim or the warranty is being used.


In the event of a warranty claim, please contact us as the guarantor:

Avenida Santiago GmbH

represented by the managing director Roland Knipfer

Haagstr. 40

90542 Eckental


Guarantee holder

The guarantee can be claimed by the buyer.

Duration and content of the guarantee

This guarantee can be claimed if the piece of jewelry (within the scope of its intended use) loses its functionality or this is restricted.

In addition to the statutory defect rights, we grant you a 30-year guarantee on the Avenida Santiago piece of jewelry in question. The guarantee begins as soon as the customer receives the product. The geographical scope of our guarantee extends to the Federal Republic of Germany. The guarantee covers the entire product.

If damage occurs to the Avenida Santiago piece of jewelry you purchased within the 30-year warranty period that goes beyond normal wear and tear and usual signs of wear, such as: If, for example, broken chains, broken stones or locks that no longer work, we will provide you with the following services under this guarantee:

We will repair the defective product and cover the costs. As the guarantor, we have the right to choose between repair and replacement.

Guarantee claim reporting options

If you have any problems with your Avenida Santiago piece of jewelry, you can contact us by telephone at: 09126 / 29 44 34 0 or contact us in text form at the email address: hello@avenidasantiago.de.

You can also send us the relevant piece of jewelry to:

Avenida Santiago GmbH

Haagstr. 40

90542 Eckental

Disclaimer of Warranty

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from normal wear and tear or damage resulting from improper use or mishandling.

Expressly excluded from the guarantee are normal changes in the appearance of your piece of jewelry caused by wear, such as: B. Dirt, dark discoloration (tarnishing) of the silver, abrasion of shiny surfaces or scratches that can occur through normal handling. There is also no guarantee for damage caused by repairs or changes by third parties.


If a warranty claim occurs, the buyer will not incur any costs for providing the warranty service. In particular, we will cover the costs of repairs and (if necessary) the spare parts required to restore the functionality of your Avenida Santiago piece of jewelry . We bear the costs of sending the piece of jewelry.

Requirements for warranty service

The prerequisite for claiming the guarantee service is:

You must allow us to examine the piece of jewelry by sending it to Avenida Santiago GmbH, Haagstr. 40, 90542 Eckental.

It is important to ensure that damage during transport is avoided by using appropriate packaging.

If your warranty claims are justified, you will not incur any additional shipping costs, i.e. we will cover the costs of returning the item to you.

additional rules

Please also note our general terms and conditions.

data protection

The personal data provided when asserting the guarantee is collected and processed based on legal regulations and in accordance with our data protection declaration.

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